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November 26, 2017

NYC Chapter of NYSARA attends Trump Tower protest over Republican tax plan


Mayor Bill de Blasio held a press conference in front of Trump Plaza Tuesday November 21st to bring attention to what’s at stake for older adults with the Trump’s Tax Plan. Standing with other democratic officials, labor organizations and community groups. The Mayor thanked those who stood with him at the rally especially noting the NYC Chapter of the NYS Alliance for Retired Americans.

Mayor Bill de Blasio took his fight against the Republican tax plan , calling the proposal a “scam” at a rally with seniors and local union workers.

“You are in for a big fight Mr. President,” de Blasio said at an afternoon rally in front of President Donald Trump’s namesake Manhattan skyscraper.

House Republicans passed their version of a tax code overhaul last week. Trump on Monday told reporters he hoped Senate Republicans would approve a compromise package before Christmas.
Democrats and five GOP House members, including Rep. Pete King of Seaford and Rep. Dan Donovan of Staten Island, have criticized the GOP tax plan for scaling back or eliminating deductions that benefit taxpayers in high-tax states such as New York.

State Assemblyman Dave Weprin (D-Queens), told the Manhattan rally: “This plan is really a redistribution of wealth. It’s bad for seniors, but it’s also bad for the middle class.”
The New York State Nurses Association, United Federation of Teachers and the NYC Chapter of the NYS Alliance for Retired Americans were among the groups represented at the rally.

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