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December 18, 2017

NYC Chapter of NYSARA at the UFT for ARA President Roach

Pictured left to right: Armando Mandes, Vice President NYC Chapter, Debra Penny, Teacher Member, TRS, Marvin Goodman, chapter exec board Robert Roach, President ARA, Doris Welch, Chapter President and Jay Cee Holden, chapter treasurer

The UFT Retired Teachers, held it’s end of the year meeting, on Tuesday December 12th. Robert Roach, President, of the Alliance for Retired Americans was their guest speaker. In Mr Roach’s remarks he spoke about the Trump tax plan, and what’s at stake for older adults, the possible reforms that might impact social security and medicare. The auditorium, filled with teachers and guests from the New York City Chapter, of the NYS Alliance for Retired Americans, heard Mr Roach say that, he went to school in New York and his sister was a retired teacher, and in the audience.

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