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What the Republican talking points REALLY mean

  They say:  We want to allow the sale of health insurance across state lines. The Reality: Selling insurance across state lines will let insurance companies move to the states with the weakest regulations, which could destroy coverage protections and threaten other p... Read more

Public Forum on the NYS Constitutional Convention. Why Vote No.

Join Ryan Delgado, Political Director for the NYS AFL-CIO and Barry Kaufmann, President of the 490,000 member New York State Alliance for Retired Americans for an informational session on exactly what is at stake for New Yorkers if a Constitutional Convention is convened.  Also,... Read more

If the Affordable Care Act is repealed some NYS Congressional seats could flip or be impacted

In an article in the Daily Kos on February 27, 2017 they identified 51 Congressional districts, currently represented by Republicans, in the United States that could "flip" if the Affordable Care Act is repealed. Although the premise that the ACA repeal itself determines the elec... Read more

Southern tier NYSARA activists speak truth to power at a rally in front of Representative Reed’s Corning office

On Tuesday, February 21, 2017 in front of Congressman Reed's Corning office a group of activists including many NYSARA members rallied against the repeal of the ACA, diminishing of Medicare, block granting of Medicaid and diminishment of Social Security.  This rally followed... Read more

ACA Day of Action

ACA Day of Action – Saturday, February 25th is the National Day of Action to oppose the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. As you may know, Sen. Bernie Sanders has asked Americans to organize actions in every congressional district, and he has asked the Alliance members to a... Read more

Joint NYC Chapter of NYSARA and Council of Municipal Retiree Organizations (COMRO) Meeting February 15th

On Wednesday February 15th the first ever joint meeting of the NYC Chapter of NYSARA and Council of Municipal Retiree Organizations (COMRO) was held at UFT headquarters.  The major topic of discussion was the status of the federal deliberations on the Affordable Care Act, the pr... Read more

Productive Meeting Held with Representative Peter King

On Friday February 10, 2017 NYSARA President Barry Kaufmann and Long Island Chapter of NYSARA President Stanley Bergman met with Congressman Peter King. (R/CD #2) NYSARA's positions on the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, Block granting or annualizing of Medicaid, voucherizing ... Read more

Social Security and Medicare Facts and Figures 2017

To see the current year (2017) facts and figures on Social Security and Medicare please click here.... Read more

NYSARA President speaks at the Renew the American Promise (RAP)/Health Care for America Now (HCAN) Meeting

On Friday February 3rd NYSARA President Barry A. Kaufmann spoke at the annual NYS RAP/HCAN meeting in Albany. With over 100 activists in attendance the timelines and details of the consideration of issues such as the affordable care act, Medicare, Medicaid, Safety net programs su... Read more