Health Care bill proposal vigil during July 4th Recess

An informational rally in the Capital District where Labor Vice President Herb Hyde of the Capital District chapter of NYSARA was interviewed.

Capital District Chapter of NYSARA celebration of Medicare and Social Security birthdays

Capital District Chapter of NYSARA celebration of the birthdays of Medicare and Social Security
Where: Tri City Valley Cats field | When: July 29, 2017 | RSVP: Contact Herb Hyde 518-763-2567

NY State Alliance on Facebook

New York State Alliance for Retired Americans
New York State Alliance for Retired Americans shared Americans for Tax Fairness's photo.Saturday, July 22nd, 2017 at 7:47am

An abomination.....

Daniel Martin why are these assholes trying to steal away everything from the "poor" and give to the "rich"??? Good question; vote every last one of these rich ass wipes out of office!!!
Doug Kershner Who keeps re-electing this scumbag?
Paula Dwyer- Gabriel Treasonous Henchman !
Joan Ford Fire him
Patty Lewis Those who need it least, get the most. Entitlements, tax cuts, and subsidies for the rich, austerity for the rest of us. What a hypocritical joke. Thanks, GOP/DJT.
Gary Truelove Heartless Bastards !!!!!
Ron Blevins Make big and rich corps. Pay theit own way like everyone else
Patty Brennan Newell GOP Congress is destroying this country.
Ema Gracanlic Drakula
James Rab both parties suck one for corperations one for people. history proves that
Joe Bennett Hateful Asshole will do ANYTHING to keep the rich happy and filling the coffers of the Republican Party . He understands that's his real job in Washington . The people of Wisconsin seem only too happy to send him back to do it , Election after Election !!!
Kristine J. Guthrie These tax dollars belong to "we the people" including your salary Ryan. It's not your money.
Donna DeCarl There goes Paul Ryan again.
Gail Stephens This better not be true
Carolyn Thornton That's why the stock market is up. It's a game they're playing with our money and benefits.
Sandy Adams Well, to vote these guys out of office means that the half of Americans that don't bother to vote will need to do their citizenship duty...go vote.
Cyndy Parsons These selfish bastards need to be stopped
Lynne Clarke Egregious behavior.
Mike Jacobs We will vigorously oppose such legislation. We will be vigilant and make certain our representatives know what we the people want done. If they don't listen there is an election coming and we can find someone who listens.
Della Flaherty Why are they allowed to even touch Medicare and social security when they are NOT GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS? It is our money that we worked hard for and put aside for retirement. Not for them to steal and use for whatever they want. It's just plain stealing!
Mike Jacobs There are elections coming and we need to find representation of we the people.
Ada Schmidt They will pay when Nov 6,2018 comes ,big time!
Pat Strachan No raises for ss or Medicare congress shouldn't get one either. Some of us only have social secuaty that we payed for all our lives. We are getting any thing for free
Pat Strachan Dump Paul Ryan
Bonnie Bauerle He's a monster.