Social Security - Death by a thousand cuts

Nancy Altman, President of Social Security Works is interviewed about the challenges of maintaining Social Security in the Current Climate.

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New York State Alliance for Retired Americans
New York State Alliance for Retired AmericansSunday, April 11th, 2021 at 5:15pm
Get the Covid 19 Vaccine and Encourage Others - Safe, Effective and the Best Way to Protect Yourself, Family, Friends and Neighbors

The U.S. is making meaningful strides in the effort against Covid 19. Still, many areas of concern emphasize that it’s up to all of us to act responsibly to protect ourselves, our families, friends and community. It begins with getting vaccinated and encouraging others in our circles to do the same.

Each of us should reach out to our family members, including grown children and grandchildren, along with reluctant neighbors and urge them to get the vaccine. It is a Patriotic duty and the best way to be safe and stop the spread of the virus.

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