About Us

The New York State Alliance for Retired Americans is not a senior citizens social club and it is not an organization formed to sell you things. It is a way for retired union members and others to make their voices heard on issues important to them.

More than 2.7 million people nationally and 490,000 in New York are members already. Historically, many retired union members have maintained some type of affiliation with a retiree group of their former union. However, they have never had the opportunity to realize the power that can result from uniting with the millions of retirees from all areas of the labor movement — until now.

Now union retirees and other older Americans have a chance to work together to make their voices heard in the laws, policies, and institutions that shape their lives.


What is the Alliance for Retired Americans?

The Alliance is a unique national organization, with state, regional and local affiliates, working to create an America that protects the health and economic security of seniors, rewards work, strengthens families and builds thriving communities. It was launched in January 2001 by a national coalition of AFL-CIO affiliated unions and community-based organizations dedicated to economic and social justice and a better life for seniors.

Who belongs to the NYS Alliance?

Individual union retirees, Community organizations and others who pay an annual dues of $10 to the New York State Alliance for Retired Americans, of which a portion is rebated to regional ARAs to cover their membership as well.

What is the national Alliance working to accomplish?

In Washington DC, the Alliance for Retired Americans works to:

  • Win universal health care for all Americans;
  • Protect and expand Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid;
  • Add a prescription drug benefit to Medicare;
  • Open up job opportunities for people older than 50;
  • Improve Older Americans Act programs and financing;
  • Gain rights for patients in HMOs; and
  • Fight for workers’ rights.
  • What are the goals of the New York State Alliance?

The Board of Directors of the NYSARA has adopted a legislative program that addresses the following issues at the state level:

Prescription Drug Coverage
Long Term Care
Nursing Home Care
Assisted Living
Affordable Housing
Affordable Utilities
Elder Care
Predatory Lending
Health Care

Paid Family Leave
Chid Care/Day Care
Domestic Violence
Pay Equity

Safe Patient Staffing
Medicare for All/Universal Health Care

A copy of the Alliance’s complete legislative program is available from the NYSARA.

How is the New York State Alliance governed?

The Alliance is a 501(c)(4) not-for-profit corporation with five elected Officers, an Executive Committee and a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is composed of Officers and one Vice President from each NYSARA affiliated union and community organization. The Board of Directors is empowered to appoint an Executive Director. The NYSARA’s bylaws provide for a Bi-Annual Convention that is attended by a wide representation of its membership.