NYSARA Resolutions

October 24, 2015

Looking Forward to 2016

WHEREAS, as the election of 2016 comes into focus and as we consider candidates;

WHEREAS, we must always be mindful of protecting our benefits while at the same time working to improve them; therefore be it

RESOLVED, that in looking forward to the 2016 election, that NYSARA emphasize our concerns regarding Social Security and Medicare as follows:

o That NYSARA continues to oppose the privatization of Social Security and Medicare as well as no diminution of benefits.

o That NYSARA advocates for essential improvements in our benefits:

1. The Social Security COLA must be changed to the C.P.I.E. This would help meet the needs of seniors as costs continue to rise.

2. Medicare must cover long term home care.

3. Medicare must have the right to negotiate drug prices and help bring down the costs of drugs.

FURTHER RESOLVED, that we advocate for and support the Alliance for Retired Americans efforts on these issues.

Passed October 21, 2015

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