July 24, 2016

NYSARA Urges Activists to call their Congressperson and Senators to Support the Benes Act


The BENES Act (S.3236; H.R.5772) fills in long standing education gaps for people nearing Medicare eligibility, by ensuring they receive a clear and detailed notice explaining Part B enrollment rules to help them make an informed decision about whether and when to enroll along with other measures.

The consequences of Part B-enrollment missteps can be significant, often leading to a lifetime of higher Part B premiums. In 2014, 750,000 people with Medicare were paying a Part B Late enrollment penalty (LEP), with the average LEP amounting to nearly a 30% increase in their monthly premium. Additionally, older adults and people with disabilities who make mistakes face significant out of pocket health care costs, gaps in coverage and barriers to accessing needed services.

No New York State congresspersons nor Senator Schumer or Gillibrand have signed on as a co sponsor of this important legislation. Please contact your United States Representatives and Senators to tell them how important it is that this legislation be passed and asking them to co sponsor the BENES Act.

Click on the link below to get the contact information for you Congress person and our two New York State Senator’s

US Congresspersons and Senators for New York State

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