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Long Island Chapter of NYSARA Spring Conference

Speakers: Adrian Espasito - noted conservation expert and Barry A. Kaufmann, President of the NYS Alliance for Retired Americans... Read more

NYS Alliance 2018 Annual Congressional Voting Record

On Thursday the national Alliance released its 2018 Congressional Voting Record scoring each U.S. Senator and Representative’s votes on critical retirement security issues. “Most politicians say they care about seniors on the campaign trail, but their Voting Record shows ... Read more

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the Current Debate on Driving down the Cost of Prescription Drugs

  How much can government negotiations drive down the cost of prescription drugs for patients? In other countries where the government negotiates directly for prescription drugs, costs are significantly lower for the same drugs than in the United States--some drugs are... Read more

NYSARA Recommends to Senator Schumer that NYSARA Member Eric Kingson, of Syracuse University, be recommended to the Vacant Social Security Public Trustee Position

On March 26th NYSARA President Barry A. Kaufmann sent a letter to Senator Chuck Schumer, US Senate Minority leader (D/NYS), asking him to nominate Eric Kingson to the vacant Social Security Public Trustee position.  Traditionally, the Senate Leader from the opposite party send... Read more

NYSARA Leadership to Visit New Congressional Representatives Local Members Needed

NYSARA President Barry A. Kaufmann and Executive Director Steve Madarasz will be making appointments to visit all the freshman members of the NYS congressional delegation in March April and May. During those meetings NYSARA leadership will educate Congressional representative... Read more

The Truth About Social Security and Medicare in New York

Social Security Works for New York's Children Social Security provided benefits to 240,564 New York children in 2016.  1 in 14 (6.8%) New York beneficiaries Social Security Works for New York's People of Color Social Security provided benefits to 2 in 7 (28.6%) Afri... Read more

2019 Social Security Legislation from the House of Representatives

More than 200 House Democrats on Wednesday reintroduced legislation that would expand Social Security benefits and gradually ramp up how much workers contribute to the social insurance program. The Social Security 2100 Act calls for an across-the-board benefit increase equal... Read more

NYSARA Annual Conference

... Read more

Study Finds Public Pensions Power the Economy

Public pension funds contributed a net $137.3 billion to state and local government coffers during 2016, underscoring their power to strengthen the U.S. economy, according to an analysis by the National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems (NCPERS). NCPERS outlin... Read more