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January 20, 2017

NYSARA 2017 Senior Legislative Agenda

1. Pass Safe Patient Staffing Bill in the NYS Senate

2. Work for the Rejection to the NYS Constitutional Convention

3. Retirement Security in NYS

4. Fight to reject amending Section 167-a of the Civil Service law that would freeze the reimbursement of the Medicare Part B premium reimbursement at $104.90 per month (enrolled before 12/31/15) or the lesser of $121.80 (those enrolled on or after 1/1/16) for NYSHIP retirees with Medicare Primary Insurance and eliminate the Part B reimbursement for higher income retirees. A replay of Governor Cuomo’s 2016 proposal that was defeated.

5. Make the $50,000 income level permanent for the Senior Citizen and Disabled Homeowners Exemption

6. Support the creation of a Senior Heating Assistance Program (SHEAP)

7. Support S3320/A3538 to prohibit public employer diminishment of Health Insurance for retirees beyond active member diminishment

8. Address Senior financial exploitation

9. Long term care costs and Medicaid interaction

10. Child care and Caregivers benefits

11. Expand the EPIC drug subsidy program for seniors

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