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May 01, 2017

Long Island Chapter hosts forum on healthcare and the Constitutional Convention

The Long Island Chapter of NYSARA held a two hour forum on health care and the NYS Constitutional Convention on Friday April 28, 2017. The fifty (50) activists in attendance were presented with the reasons for and the practicalities of a single payer health care system in New York. Martha Livingston PhD, chair of the Public Health department at SUNY Old Westbury presented a compelling argument for the establishment of a single payer health care program mirrored after the Medicare program. Many questions were raised and much information and rationale were shared.

Then NYSARA President Barry Kaufmann presented the case against holding a constitutional convention. He presented all the things that would be at risk for seniors if a convention was convened and the alarming polling about the convention both by the general public and union households as well as why this years battle is especially tough. The cost to NY taxpayers was discussed as well as what our next steps would be.

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