May 21, 2017

NYSARA Lauds Progress on two of its 2017 NYS Legislative Issues

The New York Health Act the “Medicare-for-all” bill—designed to provide health insurance to all state residents—passed the predominantly Democratic Assembly Tuesday afternoon May 16th following several hours of partisan back-and-forth on the chamber floor. The bill has passed the Assembly twice before, but then stalled in the more conservative and currently Republican-controlled state Senate, as it is expected to again.

But sponsors say it has more support this year amid a move in Congress to repeal former President Barack Obama’s signature health-insurance law. A replacement for “Obamacare” is being hashed out in the U.S. Senate.

The Senior Citizen Homeowner Exemption (SCHE) and the Disabled Homeowner Exemption (DHE) legislation would raise the income cap for SCHE/DHE to $50,000 for a full 50% property tax exemption and to $58,400 for a partial exemption, which will provide much-needed relief to New York City homeowners passed in the NYS Senate this week. The eligibility levels have not been raised since 2006.

“No senior or disabled homeowner should ever face the hard choice between paying an astronomical property tax bill or buying prescription drugs or other necessities. I’m proud that my legislation will bring real savings to our seniors and disabled homeowners living on fixed incomes in this city. With on average of over $1,750 saved, and in many cases more, this represents the best way to create affordability for these homeowners,” said Senator Savino.

“Our seniors deserve to live out their golden years without worrying that they can no longer afford their homes, the places where they raised their children and hold cherished memories. It is important that for seniors and disabled homeowners living on tight budgets we create an affordable New York by bringing real property tax relief by raising the income eligibility for SCHE and DHE to 2017 levels. ”

“Offering tax relief to ensure aging New Yorkers can afford their housing is critically important to strengthening our communities and making New York a better place to live for everyone,” said Barry Kaufmann, President of the 490,000 member New York State Alliance for Retired Americans. “We are very grateful to Senator Savino and the IDC for recognizing this challenge and advancing this legislation to passage in the Senate.” For a copy of the press release click here

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