May 30, 2017

New York State Alliance for Retired Americans Press Release on CBO Score of the AHCA/Trump Care

On May 24, 2017 the Congressional Budget Office released its analysis of the American Health Care Act that was passed in the House on May 4th. According to the CBO the AHCA will cause about 23 million people to lose health insurance and $834 billion will be cut from Medicaid to give the very wealthy a $560 billion tax cut. The CBO went on to say: ” older Americans would lose the most. Many of the people losing insurance would be ages 50-64 and not yet eligible for Medicare. They would be priced out of insurance at a higher rate than the rest of the country — leading to higher Medicare costs as people would enter Medicare with unaddressed medical needs.”

In the May 24th press release: NYSARA said in part “ NYSARA is particularly distressed that seniors will suffer by the undermining of Medicare and Medicaid along with a callous and opportunistic approach to pricing sick and elderly people out of the market for purchasing health insurance coverage. Nearly every reputable analysis has reached similar conclusions and its harm is apparent to almost everyone but the slim majority of members of the House of Representatives who voted for it, including seven members of the New York congressional delegation (Lee Zeldin (R/CD 1); Peter King (R/CD 2); John Faso (R/CD 19); Elise Stefanik (R/CD 21); Claudia Tenney (R/CD 22); Tom Reed (R/CD 23); and Chris Collins (R/CD 27)). It’s not acceptable that representatives blindly took action before this analysis was completed and at least some admitted that had not read what they were voting on.”……

To see the entire press release click on the url below

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