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June 06, 2017

“Building Bridges Across the Generation Gap” A Forum Sponsored by the NYC Chapter of NYSARA

On a recent Friday evening, a group of academics and activists were hoping wine, cheese, music and discussion of their common ground might help to clamp down on some of that tit for tat. The event, called Building Bridges Across the Generation Gap, organized by advocacy groups, like Young Invincibles, The Murphy Institute and the New York City chapter of New York state Alliance for Retired Americans, wanted these two cohorts to commiserate about their shared challenges, highlight meaningful generational differences and look for ways the two groups can work together to ensure their futures are secure. NYC Chapter of NYSARA President Doris Welch said “We think it is important for baby boomers and millennials to have a meeting of the minds. This initial forum is the first attempt to start this dialogue and to bridge the gap.” For the entire story click here.

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