August 07, 2017

It’s time to get serious about health care reform By NYSARA President Barry A. Kaufmann- Poughkeepsie Journal August 7

In the aftermath of the U.S. Senate’s unseemly spectacle over health care repeal and replace, this would be a good time for elected officials to end the political nonsense.

There’s good reason why the public noise around the issue has been emotionally charged: There are no simple solutions and lives and well-being are truly at stake – especially seniors and other vulnerable people.

Let’s now work together and focus on the real issues of how to improve access, affordability, cost and humanity in our health care system. The vast majority of Americans would appreciate it.

Coherent consensus thinking using evidence based practices -applying what we already know works – could make far better use of existing health care resources to move us all forward and strengthen our nation.

To see the rest of the op ed by NYSARA President Barry A. Kaufmann click here.

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Topics: Affordable Care Act

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