August 19, 2018

NYC Chapter of NYSARA Celebration of Social Security’s 83rd

Save Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid! That was the mantra at a recent meeting held at UFT headquarters on Thursday, August 9, 2018 and organized   by some of NYSARA’s allies including Metro NY Healthcare for all, the UFT and Statewide Senior Action Network.   It was attended by over one hundred men and women who were anxious to voice their concerns about this topic. US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Brooklyn Congresswoman Yvette Clarke were also in attendance and they both were highly interested in the numerous stories that people in attendance related about the need for both of these benefits.

The stories stressed the importance of Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid in our lives. Most members discussed the high rate of prescription drugs and how they would not be able to afford the prescriptions if not for Medicare. One man was in tears recounted the story of his relative who could not afford the drugs without for Medicare. Senator Gillibrand mentioned that she has sponsored several bills addressing the high cost of prescription drugs. She indicated that she wants to hear from her constituents about their concerns. One woman discussed how important Social Security benefits were to her after her parents died. Several members were unsure about survival benefits and were not aware that children can receive these payments.

Congresswoman Clarke stressed the importance of the upcoming elections. She stated that we must not listen to some legislators who say that Social Security is an entitlement.  We must remind everyone that social security and Medicare is an investment that we have made throughout our working lives.

Both Gillibrand and Clarke emphasized that everyone must write letters to Washington discussing this topic and we must vote in the upcoming elections.

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