December 03, 2020

NYSARA Continues Conversation with Eldera A Unique Intergenerational Opportunity

On Friday November 13 NYSARA President Barry Kaufmann had a second conversation with Eldera, an organization that promotes the use of the expertise of seniors for benefit to young people.  Barry met via zoom with two of the co founders of Elders Kate Burson and Dana Griffin.  Kate and Dana are young women that have an immense respect for seniors and believe that seniors value to educate is important.

From NYSARA and UUP Member Francine Frank

I discovered Eldera through a mention in the NYSARA Monday Alert.  Intrigued by the brief mention, I contacted them directly and am very pleased that I took the initiative.  Run by three enthusiastic people dedicated to establishing links across generations, Eldera has set up a network of mentors and children who have weekly conversations, reading sessions, and the like on Zoom.  It is great for retirees like me; my mentee is a 7 year old girl from Korea living in California, who is quickly becoming “American”.  We have a 30 to 45 minute Zoom meeting weekly and have great fun together.  I retired some 23 years ago and have been engaged in many activities; I can truly say that this is one of the most rewarding.  “Francine Frank, Professor Emerita – U Albany SUNY

From Eldera

We built Eldera to help every person unlock their unique wisdom and make it available to the next generation se we can heal our fractured society and our planet along with it.  We believe that the wisdom of our elders with decades of knowledge, life experience, love, loss and common sense is the most valuable resource we can share with the younger generation to help them imagine a better future for all.

Once approved and trained by Eldera, people with at least six decades of life experience serve as virtual mentors and help children around the world develop resilience and soft skills seamlessly through conversation and storytelling, which are the vehicles that humans have used to share wisdom since the beginning of the spoken word.  Eldera reconnects generations through our private global community where they engage in live cultural and educational events and receive resources for shared learning, growth and connection.

Conversations and real connections across generations are happening with people from Alabama to Australia, North Carolina to South Korea and Colorado to Kuwait.  Just this month, a 12 year old boy from South Korea, with the help of his mentor in Chicago, published his first book “Beautiful Teorems that Changed Math” now available on Amazon with all profits given to a pediatric cancer organization.  Two people on two continents, born almost 60 years apart met on Eldera during COVID and both of their lives have changed forever and the ripple effects of their connection is already being felt.

We now have the rare opportunity to envision a new societal infrastructure, for the 21st century and beyond, one built on meaningful human connection across demographic and generational lines, wisdom transfer, and a shared hope and purpose.

ABOUT ELDERA Eldera is a global platform for wisdom sharing and intergenerational connection.  Our core service matches kids with vetted mentors (with at least six decades of life experience) for virtual story time, help with school work or just a friendly conversation.  This service is built into a private community that includes cultural and educational events and resources for shared learning, growth and connection.  Since we launched in March 2020, Eldera has become the first intergenerational community with members across 17 countries and growing and were recognized as an Encore Gen2Gen Innovation Fellow and were featured in the “Atlantic”, “TIME”, “Growing Bolder”, “The Wisdom Well” and the “Wall Street Journal”

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