February 14, 2023

NYSARA and the NYS Office for the Aging Survey on Services for Seniors 870 Surveys Now Completed

We asked you last week to take part in a survey on services for Seniors in New York.  Thus far 870 people have taken part in the survey.  For those of you that have NOT taken the survey we ask that you log on to and take the survey.

New York State is embarking upon a process to develop a Master Plan on Aging (MPA), which is designed to address the needs of older adults and individuals of all ages in their efforts to grow up and grow older successfully. As a member of the MPA, NYSARA is interested in your feedback on personal and other experiences about what services and supports you may need so that you are represented as part of the MPA process. NYSARA President Barry Kaufmann asks that each of our members completes this brief 3 question survey which should only take about 2 minutes to complete. You may also  send the url of the survey to any of your friends.  The survey can be accessed at or can be accessed by clicking on the button below.

Older New Yorkers are an important asset to family, friends, the community, and the economy. Individuals age 50 and older account for the majority of:

•       Volunteering;

•       Philanthropy;

•       Entrepreneurs, and

•       Donation activities in the US.

•       And are a large tourism block

Individuals age 50 and older :

•       Represent 36% of Population in NY

•       Contributed 43% – $719 billion – GDP

–      $2.2 trillion by 2050 (43%)

•       Support 5.9 million jobs

–      6.6 million by 2050 (47%)

•       Generated $482 billion in wages and salary

–      $1.46 trillion by 2050 (50%0

•       Contribute $72 billion in state and local taxes (39% of total)

–      Will triple to $255 billion by 2050 (43%)

New York’s total population is over 19 million individuals, and the State ranks fourth in the nation in the number of adults age 60 and over – 4.6 million and 3.7 million between 45-59

•       80% of NYS Retirement System Payouts Stay in NY – $10.6 billion annually

•       935,000 individuals age 60+ contribute 495 million hours of service at economic value of $13.8 billion

•       64% of individuals age 60+ who own their own homes and have no mortgage

•       4.1 million caregivers at any time in a year – economic value if paid for at market rate is $32 billion, average age is 64

Please complete this short survey and return February 15, 2023.
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